SeedSwap is an NFT exchange and decentralized financial project that offers compounding rewards in the form of SeedSwap Tokens and NFTs for liquidity stakers.

Liquidity Providers

Every fiscal quarter, a multiplier is applied to the liquidity provider’s APY which will increase it. The multiplier compounds over consecutive seasons if the liquidity provider does not withdraw any of their assets from the pool. If a liquidity provider withdraws any assets from the liquidity pool then their multiplier loses its compound, and instead, they are only benefitted by the quarterly multiplier. Staking rewards are locked for three months upon issuance. …

SeedSwap is pleased to announce more details surrounding our buyback and burn process, as well as how it ties into on-platform advertising and content promotion features.

Essentially, creators, businesses or anyone can promote content on the platform and pay with their chosen cryptocurrency. We’ve designed our advertising services with simplicity in mind to become accessible to more people, such as artists and medium-sized creators, to demystify the process and make our advertising revenue stream more inclusive.

Advertisers simply create a post, on-platform, and select to promote it. They then select their advertising tier (tiers are based on likelihood of clickthrough…

SeedSwap Social is the new addition to the SeedSwap ecosystem that allows users to create profiles, follow other profiles, add contacts, message friends, share posts and content, and seamlessly interact with one another on the same platform as they can stake and purchase NFTs. The addition allows the ability for creators and fans to interact one another on the same platform as purchases can take place, as well as a place for the NFT community to communicate with one another.

Currently, there are two precipitating needs in the crypto community. The first is: how can people within crypto easily…

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