SNFT Weekly Report 06/20/21

Here is our weekly update!


  1. Main Website

Following a successful migration to our new server, which is better enabled to support the scope of our project, we are nearly finished with the main website revamp. The new site will deliver a completely different user experience with expanded features and a new design. It will come with updates to our whitepapers, a team page with information about the developers, and an updated version of our roadmap. While launching before SeedSwap Social, the new site will be SeedSwap Social’s eventual home, arriving by month’s end.

2. Social

Make Crypto Simple and Social on our decentralized social media platform. SeedSwap Social is designed for anyone to use: professional posters, friends and fans, crypto veterans, and newcomers alike. Let’s pave the way for crypto and social media by making it decentralized.

Read more about Social:

3. Farming

The community has spoken, and in accordance with last week’s poll the farming system will have a 2.5% fee on liquidity deposits. Launching soon, it’s is our way of rewarding liquidity providers. Consecutive seasons of staking coins create a compounding multiplier on returns, which resets at the beginning of every fiscal year. Read the whitepaper to learn about farming SNFT in greater detail.

Influencer Recruiting

Last week we began recruiting a number of crypto Instagram pages into SeedSwap Social, and we are happy to announce that we have already secured some partnerships.

Here are some of our new partners:

Cryptoworld2020 owns an Instagram News page with over 74 thousand subscribers on which he shares daily crypto news from different sources. They have been posting since the beginning of 2018 and are crypto veterans.

A rather new face to the crypto sphere is cryptoregistry. He specializes in educational content about various crypto projects. If you want discover new and amazing projects this might be the right page for you!

Entertaining an audience of over 29 thousand followers with memes and crypto news, howtocryptogain is another great addition to our Social Platform. If you want detailed analysis we can definitely recommend his Telegram Group.

Next up, Crypto Blogs and News Websites.

How do you stay informed? Drop a comment or a link with your favorite news outlets from around the web and we will connect with them.


We are happy to announce we have partnered with Rubic! In addition to us listing on the Rubic Exchange, you will also be able to buy SNFT directly from our new website. The Rubic relay widget will allow for instant SNFT purchases while ensuring the lowest possible gas fees.



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